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Inactivity Timeout

For your security and the security of your company, Interaction Workspace might be configured by your administrator to become locked after a specific period of time during which neither your mouse nor keyboard is used. This feature protects you from unwanted system access, if you walk away from your workstation without locking it.

When the specified time period of inactivity is reached, all of the open Interaction Workspace windows on your desktop are minimized, and the Reauthenticate view is displayed.

To unlock Interaction Workspace, you must enter in the Reauthenticate view the password that was used to log in the locked application, then click Authenticate. Click Cancel to log off all channels and exit the application.

Your status might be set to Not Ready. To change your status, use the My Status view.

All Interaction Workspace windows are minimized when the application is locked, except for the following windows, which are locked but remain visible:

  • Interaction notifications (with Case Information hidden during lock-out)
  • System-tray icon

System notices are not locked. When Interaction Workspace times out, a system-message notification is displayed to alert you that Interaction Workspace has timed out.

Click Show to view the message. Click Dismiss to dismiss the notification.

If you clicked Show, click OK to dismiss the message.

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