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Call Actions for Outbound Calls

Call actions are standard controls for outbound interactions. Interaction Workspace enables you to perform the following call actions:

  • End Call—Click End Call (IW End Call Button.gif) to disconnect the call.
  • Hold Call—Click Hold (IW Hold Call Button.gif) to place the active call on hold. If a call is on hold, you cannot hear the contact, and the contact cannot hear you.
  • Resume Call—Click Resume Call (IW Retrieve Call Button.gif) to reconnect to a call that is on hold. You will be able to hear the contact, and the contact will be able to hear you.
  • Instant Call Transfer—Click Instant Call Transfer (IW Instant Voice Transfer Icon.gif) to redirect the current outbound interaction to a contact or internal target that you select by using the Team Communicator.
    Note: When you transfer an ASM call, the outbound record is also transferred. The ownership of the record might also be transferred to the transfer target if this agent is also part of the campaign. If the agent is not part of the campaign, the ownership of the record stays with you.
  • Instant Call Conference—Click Instant Call Conference (IW Instant Voice Conference Icon.gif) to start a voice conference instantly with the current outbound interaction and a contact or internal target that you select by using the Team Communicator.
  • Send DTMF—You can attach numerical data to a call by entering dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) digits into the call case history. Click the keypad button (IW Open DTMF Keypad Button.gif) to open the DTMF keypad. Type numbers into the number field, or click the keypad numbers to enter numbers.
  • Schedule a Callback—Click Schedule a Callback (IW Outbound Reschedule Button.gif) to reschedule a call (for example, if the contact is too busy to respond now) for a different date and/or time.
  • Start Consultation—Start a (IW Consultation Icon.gif) voice consultation with an internal target or a contact. The target can choose not to accept the request. The target can end the consultation. You can end the consultation, or you can transfer or conference your current interaction to or with the consultation target.
  • Mark Done—Complete a call, close the Voice Interaction window, and preview the next contact on the campaign call list by clicking Mark Done (IW Mark Done Button.gif). You might be configured to specify a disposition code before you can click Mark Done.

(Outbound Preview calls only) Click Done and Stop (IW Done And Stop Button.gif) to stop opening the preview for the next call automatically.

  • Party Action Menu—In the call-status area, click the down-arrow that is beside the name of the contact to start a different interaction type with the contact, such as an e-mail interaction, if the contact has additional channel information available in the contact database.
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