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The Gadget enables you to manage your status and create new interactions.

Gadget View

The Gadget is an alternate view to the Main Window. It provides only basic functionality. It does not enable you to manage your contacts.

The Gadget enables you to:

Manage Your Status

Click the Ready Status icon to open your status menu.

Ready Status icon

Place the mouse pointer over the Ready Status icon to view your status summary.

Hovering over the Ready Status icon

The status summary includes your login name, Place, channels, and channel status, as well as your Ready state.

Managing Multiple Channels

If you are logged in to more than one channel, detailed status for each channel is available in the My Channels view.

Not Ready Status

When you are handling an interaction, the system interrupts the display of the amount of time that you are in the current state.

If, while you are handling an interaction for a given channel, you set your status to either Not Ready, Not Ready - <reason>, or After Call Work (ACW) the system does not display the amount of time that you are in that state until the interaction is complete. This feature enables your break or ACW time to be displayed according to recorded statistics.

Inactivity Timeout

Inactivity Timeout is a security feature that locks the Interaction Workspace windows on your workstation, if you do not use your mouse or keyboard for a period of time that is defined by your administrator. You must authenticate to reactivate Interaction Workspace.

Manage Your Contacts and Launch a New Interaction

You can view your contacts and internal targets, and Launch a New Interaction from the Gadget view. The Gadget view contains the Team Communicator Quick Search field. Enter an internal target or a contact name or phone number in the universal lookup field.

Contact Management Gadget

Manage Your Settings

Click the Main Menu icon to open the Main Menu. You control your settings and open different views from the Main Menu. The Main Menu contains the following functions:

  • Switch to Main Window—Toggles between the Gadget and the Main Window
  • Show Statistics Gadget—Displays the Statistics Gadget view
  • Gadget Always on Top—Keeps the Gadget on top of any other window that opens on your desktop
  • Refine Place / Channel information—Displays the Advanced Login Parameters view to change your logged-in channel parameters
  • My Workspace—Opens the My Workspace views in a new window
  • My Messages—Opens the My Messages view in a new window
  • Change Theme—Selects a different predefined appearance from the Theme menu
  • Check and Update—Checks for updates to Interaction Workspace and update your software if an update is available
  • Help—Launches this help document
  • About Interaction Workspace— Gets information about Interaction Workspace
  • Log Out—Logs off all channels and closes the application

Interaction Preview

If a new interaction arrives at your workstation, you are notified by the Interaction Preview interactive notification.

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