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Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value:
Valid Values: A comma-separated list of option section names that correspond to web extension views. For example: Extension1, Extension2
Changes Take Effect: When the session is started or restarted.

Specifies the list of Web Applications that are configured to be displayed at the Interaction level. Refer to the Enabling integration of web applications in the agent interface for information about creating web application objects in the configuration layer. This option can be overridden by a routing strategy as described in the Configuration Guide.

Configuring Views

You can set the Workspace Views options to configure the sorting order and the default tab selection of tabbed views within each window.

The sort order can be customized by using the views.<RegionName>.order options.

The default tab selection can be configured by using the views.<RegionName>.activate-order options. The first in the list, if present, is selected by default. If the first in the list is absent, the second in the list is presented by default, and so on. Both options support out-of-the-box view names and names of custom views added to tab areas.

For custom views, use the section names specified in the interaction.web-content option.

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