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Traditional HA Architecture

The basic HA architecture involves deploying the GVP components on one host and deploying the VM SIP server and VM server on another host. All components are deployed in HA mode. The following diagram shows the components and connections of a basic HA deployment.

Traditional HA arch.png

Key Notes:

  • GSVM Server is deployed into an existing SIP Server/GVP HA configuration.
  • Resource Manager uses an active/standby HA configuration.
  • The cross connections between the VM SIP Server and Resource Manager instances across the two sites are not shown in this diagram.
  • The Voicemail SIP Server HA instances are configured in a primary/backup HA setup.
  • The Voicemail Server is configured as both a primary-backup HA pair, and master-slave for database synchronization.


For Traditional HA, you manually add HA GSVM servers to an existing Genesys HA deployment (SIP Server and GVP in an HA configuration).

For configuration details, see:

Resultset next.png Traditional HA Task Summary

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