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Creating Application control scripts (Windows)

This script provides an example of switching a VM server from backup to primary mode. The script should be created for the server running SCS. The MLCMD utility that is installed with SCS can be used to switch any application. The following arguments are mandatory for the MLCMD command:

  • For SCS release 8.1.0 and lower
    • DBID of the application
    • SCS host IP and SCS T-Lib port
  • For SCS release 8.1.1 and higher
    • Application Name
    • Configuration Server IP, Port, Application Name, Username & Password
    • SCS host IP and SCS T-Lib port (Optional)

Creating Application control scripts (Windows)


  1. On the server running SCS, create a batch file that is named SC_APPLICATION_SWITCHOVER.BAT, and enter the following commands into the file, depending the SCS release version you are using:
    • For SCS release 8.1.0 and lower:
              [+] Commands for SC_APPLICATION_SWITCHOVER.BAT
    • For SCS release 8.1.1 and higher:
              [+] Commands for SC_APPLICATION_SWITCHOVER.BAT
  2. In the batch file, replace the variables indicated by angle brackets with appropriate values.
  3. Repeat these steps to create control scripts for each VM SIP Server and VM Server.


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