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SIP Voicemail Deployment Guide

Choose the right installation method for your environment - Complete Install or Manual Deployment - or access directly the configuration options for SIP Voicemail Server.

Choose Your Deployment

Complete Install

Genesys SIP Voicemail can be deployed using the SIP Voicemail Complete Install installation package on a single server.

Resultset next.png Deployment Prerequisites

Resultset next.png SIP Voicemail Complete Install

Manual Deployment

Genesys SIP Voicemail can also be deployed manually in a stand-alone mode using multiple servers. You can also deploy GSVM into an existing Genesys deployment consisting of Genesys Media Server and SIP Server.

Resultset next.png Deployment Prerequisites

Resultset next.png Manual Deployment

High-Availability Deployment

Available starting in release 8.1.1

Genesys SIP Voicemail can be deployed as part of a Solution HA scenario.

Resultset next.png SIP Voicemail HA Deployment Guide

Configuration Options

Find detailed descriptions for all the configuration options available in the SIP Voicemail Server Application object.

Resultset next.png SIP Voicemail Server Configuration Options

Migration Procedure

When updating from one version of SIP Voicemail to another, including hot fix updates, use the following procedure.

Resultset next.png SIP Voicemail Migration Procedure

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