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SIP Voicemail Migration Procedure


  1. Stop the GSVM Server. If installed in HA mode, stop both primary and backup GSVM Server instances.
  2. Install the latest version of GSVM Server in a different directory than prior versions (in other words, do not install in the same directory as any old versions).
  3. All previously deposited voicemails are kept in the Storage folder in the installation path for that install version. Copy the Storage folder from the previous GSVM version to the installation folder for the newly installed GSVM Server.
  4. Start the primary voicemail server.
  5. All data copied from the previous version of GSVM Server should now be available from the new, running version.
  6. For HA deployments, complete these steps for the primary server instance only. The backup server instance will synchronize data with the primary automatically.


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