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SIP Voicemail HA Deployment Guide


Genesys SIP Voicemail can be deployed in two HA models: Traditional HA and Solution HA.

For an overview of the basic HA architecture, and a description of these HA models, see:

Resultset next.png Overview <br\><br\> For details about Traditional mode (all GSVM components are deployed in an HA pair), see:

Resultset next.png Traditional HA Architecture <br\><br\> For details about Solution HA mode (VM SIP Server and VM Server components are deployed in HA mode), see:

Resultset next.png Solution HA Architecture

Document Change History

For details about what has changed in the SIP Voicemail HA Deployment Guide, see the Document Change History.


Find task summaries and procedures for both the Complete Install and the Manual Install of SIP Voicemail HA:

Resultset next.png Solution HA Task Summary

Resultset next.png Traditional HA Task Summary

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