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Creating the SCS Alarm Conditions

This page provides the procedure for creating SCS alarm conditions:

Creating the SCS Alarm Conditions


  1. Open the Configuration Manager.
  2. Navigate to the Environment > Alarm Conditions folder.
  3. Right-click and select New > Alarm Condition to open the New Alarm Condition Properties dialog box.
  4. On the General tab:
    • Enter a Name for the Alarm Condition—for example, ALRM_GSVM_HABackup.
    • Optionally, enter a description.
    • For the Category value, select Critical.
    • Set Cancel Timeout to 1.
    Alarm reaction general.png
  5. On the Detect Event tab:
    • Set the Log Event ID as defined in HA Events and Scripts (Traditional, Solution).
    • Set the Selection Mode to Select By Application.
    • For the Application Name field, click the folder icon to browse for the Application object. For example, if you are creating an Alarm Condition for the primary GSVM Server, select the primary GSVM Server Application object.
    Alarm condition detect event.png
  6. Click OK.
  7. On the Reaction Scripts tab, add the Alarm Reaction script as defined in HA Events and Scripts (Traditional, Solution).
  8. Repeat the steps in this procedure to create each of the Alarm Conditions for the hot standby-related log events for VM SIP Server and VM Server, and the application failure-related log events for Resource Manager.

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