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IP Address Takeover (Windows)

Complete the following procedures to configure the Virtual IP Address Takeover scripts for Genesys SIP Voicemail Server High-Availability (HA) on the Windows 2008 64-bit operating system.

IP Address Takeover (Windows) Task Summary

Objective Related procedures and actions
  1. Create the Virtual IP address control scripts.
Creating control scripts Windows
  1. Test the control scripts (Windows)
Testing control scripts
  1. Create Application control scripts (Windows)
Application control scripts Windows
  1. Create Genesys Applications for the control scripts.
Creating Genesys Applications for the control scripts
  1. Create the Alarm Reaction scripts.
Creating Alarm Reaction scripts
  1. Create the SCS Alarm Conditions.
SCS Alarm Conditions
  1. Test the SCS Alarm Conditions.
Testing Alarm Conditions

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