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SIP Voicemail Complete Install

This table lists the tasks that are required to deploy Genesys SIP Voicemail using the SIP Voicemail Complete Install.

Objective Related procedures and actions
  1. Ensure that your system meets the deployment prerequisites.
  • See Deployment Prerequisites.
  • For Complete Install on Windows, the Wow 64 component must be installed. This enables 32-bit applications (other Genesys components) to be run on the 64-bit platform.
  1. Copy CD to host.

Copy or mount the entire CD to the hard drive on the host computer where you want to run the install.

  1. Run the SIP Voicemail Complete Install tool.
Follow the Install instructions. When prompted, be prepared to provide the following information:
  • Configuration Server Hostname
  • Configuration Server Network port
  • Configuration Server User name
  • Configuration Server Password
  • License information for SIP Server:
    • Full path to the license file, or
    • License Manager port number and host name
  • Amount of RAM available for this process. If unspecified, the default of 4 GB is used.
  • Premise SIP Server Application Name
  • Type of used Audio Format:
    • Mulaw (North America), or
    • Alaw (Europe)
  • LCA port (default is 4999)
  • Genesys configuration environment Applications folder for creating applications (default is Voicemail)
  • Specify the HA role for this server: Primary or Backup. If this is a non-HA deployment, select Primary.
  • Enter the Virtual IP Address for the GSVM HA Server pair.

Note: For non-HA deployments, leave this field empty.

  • Full path of the destination directory for installation (the temporary directory used by the installation utility. Genesys IPs will be installed into predefined /opt/genesys directory.)
  1. Configure DNs for the Agent SIP Server Application.
Complete the following procedure:

Resultset next.png Configuring DNs for the Agent SIP Server

  1. Configure the Agent SIP Server Application.
On the Options tab, in the TServer section, configure the following:
  • dial-plan=<dial-plan DN with voicemail rules>
  • To use the No-Answer-Supervision feature, configure related configuration options, which could be set at an Application- or at DN-level. See the Framework 8.1 SIP Server Deployment Guide for details.
  1. Configure DNs for the SIP Server Application dedicated to GSVM.
Complete the following procedure:

Resultset next.png Configuring DNs for the GSVM SIP Server Application

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