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Installing SIP Voicemail Server (on Linux)


  1. Using Configuration Manager or Genesys Administrator, create an Application object of type Genesys Generic Server using the supplied templates for the SIP Voicemail Server.
  2. Install the SIP Voicemail Server on the target machine by running the install.sh script (on Linux).
  3. When prompted, input the following information:
    1. Enter the connection parameters to the Configuration Server associated with this SIP Voicemail Server: Configuration Server name, port, username and password.
    2. Select which application to install.
    3. Select the amount of RAM available (or press Enter to accept the default of 4).
    4. Specify the HA role for this server: primary or backup. If this is a non-HA deployment, select primary.
    5. Enter the full path of the destination directory for the installation. For example, /opt/genesys/VM
    6. Select the product version: 32-bit or 64-bit.

  4. Verify that Cassandra.yaml found in the <voicemail_install_path>/etc directory to ensure that the following directories are defined and point to the Genesys SIP Voicemail installation folder:
  • data_file_directories<voicemail_install_path>/storage/data
  • commitlog_directory<voicemail_install_path>/storage/commitlog
  • saved_caches_directory<voicemail_install_path>/storage/saved_caches
  • When the installation is complete, start SIP Voicemail Server, by executing the run.sh script from the installation folder.
  • After SIP Voicemail Server starts successfully, in a web browser, type the URL to the SIP Voicemail Server default home page"or example:
  • http://<target machine IP>:8080/voicemail-web


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