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This view provides information about the execution of each ETL job step. Rows are added to this view for completed ETL job steps only. As each ETL job completes, it adds rows for the completed steps of all currently running ETL jobs, including itself, that have not already been added to the view.

Currently running ETL jobs may have steps that are in process or are waiting, and they do not yet appear in the view. Rows in this view are written once and are not updated.

Column List

Column Description
JOB_ID ID that uniquely identifies the execution instance of the job.
JOB_NAME The name of the job, such as Job_ExtractICON.
WORKFLOW_TYPE The name of the ETL job step, such as Outbound.
JOB_VERSION The version of the job, such as
START_TIME The date and time at which the first step started (UTC time zone).
END_TIME The date and time at which the last step ended (UTC time zone).
DURATION The duration of the job, in seconds.
STATUS The status of the step, such as COMPLETE or FAILED.
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