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In the Column List:

  • P = Primary key
  • M = Mandatory field
  • F = Foreign key (where the term is used loosely to indicate a surrogate key reference to a field in another table, not a formal constraint)
  • DV = Default value



Modified: 8.5.003 (in Oracle, fields with VARCHAR data types use explicit CHAR character-length semantics); 8.1.201 (CONVERT_EXPRESSION column added)

In partitioned databases, this table is not partitioned.

This table captures storage configuration for user data KVPs. The table is populated with a special script during the Genesys Info Mart deployment and can be updated when user-data storage requirements change. Each row defines mapping for a given user-data KVP to one table and a column within that table.

To assist you in preparing supplementary documentation, click the following link to download a comma-separated text file containing information such as the data types and descriptions for all columns in this table: Download a CSV file.

Hint: For easiest viewing, open the downloaded CSV file in Excel and adjust settings for column widths, text wrapping, and so on as desired. Depending on your browser and other system settings, you might need to save the file to your desktop first.

Column List


Column Data Type P M F DV
ID integer X X
UD_KEY_NAME varchar(255) X
UDE_TABLE_NAME varchar(30) X
UDE_COLUMN_NAME varchar(30) X
DEFAULT_VALUE varchar(255)
ACTIVE_FLAG numeric(1) X


The primary key of this table.


The key name of the user data KVP that is to be stored in the Info Mart database.


The name of the fact or dimension table that stores user data that is associated with this key.


The name of the column in the fact or dimension table that stores user data that is associated with this key.


Modified: 8.5.006 (IRF_ROUTE value is added); 8.5.001 (IRF_INITIAL value is added).
This field defines how data that uses the same key name is propagated. Possible values are:

  • CALL — Store the latest KVP value that is associated with the call.
  • PARTY — Store the latest KVP value that is changed (added/updated/deleted) by a party of the call.
  • IRF — Store the latest KVP value that is associated with the call during the fact duration.
  • IRF_FIRST_UPDATE — Store the first update to the KVP value that is performed during the fact duration. In a scenario with call redirection, the duration also includes all previous IRFs having the technical result of Redirected/RoutedOnNoAnswer and/or Redirected/Unspecified.
  • IRF_INITIAL — Store the KVP value that is associated with the interaction when the interaction enters the resource that is the subject of the IRF or MSF record.
  • IRF_ROUTE — Store the final KVP value that is present during mediation, regardless of whether the call is abandoned in mediation or delivered to a handling resource, or whether the KVP value changes while the call is at a handling resource (that is, after mediation).


The default value that Genesys Info Mart must store when a KVP that uses this key name is missing.


Indicates whether this mapping is currently active: 0 = No, 1 = Yes.


Introduced: Release 8.1.201
Specifies the conversion expression for KVP values that are stored as date/time data in user data fact tables. Applies only to the date/time KVPs that you need to store in the format other than Genesys Info Mart default format for date/time (yyyy-mm-ddThh24:mi:ss.ff). The conversion expression is defined at the time when you map the KVP to the fact table column. If specified, Genesys Info Mart includes the conversion expression in SQL statements to convert the data.

Index List

CODE U C Description
I_C_UD_TARGET X A constraint that enforces unique mapping for each column in each target user-data table.
I_C_UD_TO_UDE_KN Improves access time, based on the user-data key name for mapping that is currently active.


Field Sort Comment


Field Sort Comment
UD_KEY_NAME Ascending

Subject Areas

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