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Facts Subject Area

In addition to referring to dimension tables, some fact tables refer to other fact tables. This subject area diagram depicts the interrelationships between subject area fact tables.

Facts Subject Area View Large

Subject Area Dimensional Model Tables

Table/View Description
CALLBACK_FACT Represents a callback-related event.
CALLING_LIST_METRIC_FACT Represents a snapshot of outbound campaign calling list metrics.
CAMPAIGN_GROUP_SESSION_FACT Represents the loading and unloading of an outbound campaign group session.
CAMPAIGN_GROUP_STATE_FACT Represents the states of a campaign group session.
CONTACT_ATTEMPT_FACT Represents a processing attempt for an outbound campaign contact.
INTERACTION_FACT Represents interactions from the perspective of a customer experience.
INTERACTION_RESOURCE_FACT Represents a summary of each attempt to handle an interaction. It encompasses the mediation process that is required to offer the interaction to a target handling resource, as well as the activities of that target handling resource.
IXN_RESOURCE_STATE_FACT Provides detailed interaction-handling state information in the context of an interaction resource fact. It facilitates interval-based reporting for interaction-related resource states.
MEDIATION_SEGMENT_FACT Describes interaction activity with respect to ACD queues, virtual queues, interaction queues, and interaction workbins.
SM_MEDIA_NEUTRAL_STATE_FACT Represents agent resource states, summarized across all media.
SM_RES_SESSION_FACT Represents agent resource media sessions from login to logout, summarized to the media type.
SM_RES_STATE_FACT Represents agent resource states, summarized to the media type.
SM_RES_STATE_REASON_FACT Represents agent resource state reasons, summarized to the media type.
CALLING_LIST_TO_CAMP_FACT view Describes the association of a calling list to an outbound campaign.
GROUP_TO_CAMPAIGN_FACT view Describes the association of an agent or place group to an outbound campaign.
PLACE_GROUP_FACT view Describes the membership of places in place groups.
RESOURCE_GROUP_FACT view Describes the membership of resources in resource groups.
RESOURCE_SKILL_FACT view Describes an agent's skills and proficiency levels.
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