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Enabling Reporting on Multimedia Activity

This page provides a high-level summary of the targeted task flow to enable Genesys Info Mart to support Multimedia details reporting. For a more general, comprehensive overview of deployment tasks, see Overview: Deploying Genesys Info Mart.

  1. Prepare the ICON application to capture and store Multimedia details.
    When you configure the ICON application, ensure that:
    • At a minimum, you set the following option values:
      • The role option includes the values gcc,gls,gud.

        Note: Starting with release, Genesys Info Mart does not require the gcc, gud, and gls values to occur together. See the discussion of ICON Roles for more information about setting the role option in deployments with Interaction Server Cluster.

      • use-dss-monitor = 1 (or true)
      • partition-type = 2
      • calls-in-the-past = 1 (or true)
      • om-force-adata = 1 (or true)
      • gls-active-reason-codes = 1 (or true)
      • vq-write-mode = 1
    • Other Multimedia-related options that are described under Data-Processing Options for Genesys Info Mart are set as specified.
    • You configure ADDP connections to all of the Interaction Servers (or HA pairs of Interaction Servers) in the deployment that ICON might be required to monitor.

    For more information about how to configure the ICON application for Genesys Info Mart, see Configuring ICON.

    For more information about all of the ICON configuration options that affect ICON processing and data storage, see the Interaction Concentrator Deployment Guide for your release.

  2. Prepare the IDB instance(s) from which Genesys Info Mart will obtain Multimedia details.
    (Optional) After you have run the ICON-provided scripts to create the IDB, execute the update_idb_for_gim_mm.sql script, which Genesys Info Mart provides. For more information, see Preparing IDBs to work with Genesys Info Mart.
  3. Enable ICON to access the Multimedia details IDB(s).
    When you create and configure the DAP application that enables the Multimedia details ICON to access IDB, ensure that you add the DAP to the Connections tab of the ICON Application object.
  4. Configure and install the Genesys Info Mart application.
    When you configure the Genesys Info Mart application, ensure that: For more information about how to configure the Genesys Info Mart application, see Configuring the Genesys Info Mart Application.
  5. Configure other objects, as required, to enable ICON and Genesys Info Mart reporting for Multimedia details.

  6. Enable Genesys Info Mart to access the Multimedia details IDB(s).
    • When you configure the DAP application that enables Genesys Info Mart to access a Multimedia details IDB, ensure that the role option includes the value ICON_MM. For more information, see Preparing Extraction DAPs.
    • On the Connections tab of the Genesys Info Mart Application object, add a connection to this DAP.

  7. Customize the processing and storage of 3rd Party Media interaction data, if applicable.
    • (Recommended) Before you start ETL processing, add to the MEDIA_TYPE dimension table any new or missing online media types that might be associated with 3rd Party Media interactions in your deployment. Ensure that the IS_ONLINE flag in the MEDIA_TYPE record is set to 1. (You do not have to add offline media types in advance.)

      For more information about how to add online media types to the Info Mart database schema, see Setting up media types for online interactions. For more information about why Genesys recommends predefining expected online media types for 3rd Party Media interactions, see Online and Offline Interactions.

    • During runtime, if you want to change whether Genesys Info Mart processes a particular interaction subtype, alter the record for that interaction type in the INTERACTION_TYPE dimension table, to set the value of the IGNORE field appropriately.

      For more information about disabling transformation of interaction subtypes, see Interaction Types and Subtypes.

  8. (Optional, in Genesys Chat deployments with Chat Server or later and Genesys Info Mart 8.5.011 or later) Enable detailed reporting on chat session activity.
    See Integrating Chat Server with Genesys Historical Reporting in the Chat Server Administration Guide.
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