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Link Block

GAAP350 Help LinkBlock.png

You can use Link blocks to send a call within your callflow to another application, module, or external VXML application. Once the external callflow finishes, the call returns to the point at which it left in the parent callflow.

For example, the main application might start with a Message block to welcome the caller and then use a Link block to call into an Identification module, which allows the caller to identify himself or herself. When the module finishes, the call routes back to the main application with a success result and the rest of the application callflow executes.

GAAP350 Help LinkBlock2.png

You can also assign values to variables in the Link Block. See Working with module parameters.

Adding this block to the callflow

To add and configure Link blocks in a callflow:

  1. Drag and drop a Link block onto the appropriate position in the callflow.
  2. Click the Link block to view its properties.
  3. In the Link Details tab, select one of the following options:
    • Transfer to Another Genesys App Automation Platform Module – Call a Genesys Intelligent Automation module within the same Company. This links to the Start block within the module.
      You can click Jump to Module to open the linked module in the Callflow Editor. If you have unsaved changes in your current application, Intelligent Automation asks you to leave the page without saving.
    • Transfer to an External VXML Application – Use an HTTP URL to call into a VXML application. After this application finishes processing the call, it must return specific information back to the Intelligent Automation application (as defined in the third-party application contract), as well as the path that must be followed as a result of the call. You can use variables when specifying the URL, such as: http://[var:server]:[var:port]/MyPage.vxml.
      Contact your Genesys representative for more information on configuring the results from a VXML application.
      If the caller hangs up while in the VXML application portion of the call, or the VXML application wants to end the call, the VXML application must return a hangup or system hangup result, respectively.
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