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System Alerts

A monitoring process runs on every platform computer in the system. The current state of the platform computers in the system is displayed in the Monitor System page. The system can be configured to send out e-mail notification messages to specified recipients whenever a monitoring process discovers an error, such as a full disk, on one of the monitored computers. Whenever a new error is discovered, a notification is sent. The notification lists all errors that are detected in the system at the time it is sent (even if notifications about them have already been sent).

New notifications are only sent out when new errors are discovered. Even if an error has remained uncorrected for a long period of time, no new notifications are sent out about it unless additional errors are detected.

System alert notifications are configured using a Saved Report interactioned System alert. This saved report appears automatically in the Saved Reports page and cannot be deleted. It is configured using the Scheduling feature.

To configure System Alert notifications

  1. In the Main Menu, under Reports, select Saved Reports.
  2. The Saved Reports tab opens.

    System alerts.png

  3. Locate the row of the System alert report, and click Schedule (Schedule.png).
  4. The scheduling dialog box opens, and the Recipients tab is displayed. The Schedule tab is not available for this report, because it is configured automatically.


  5. Fill in the fields as follows:
  6. Field Description
    To The e-mail addresses of the report recipients. Separate multiple addresses with semi-colons (;).
    From The sender address to use.
    Subject The text that should appear in the subject line of the e-mail.
    Report Format Select Web archive to format the results as an MHT file (which can be opened in Internet Explorer). Select PDF to format the results as a PDF file.
    Priority Select the desired priority level for the e-mail message.
  7. Click Schedule.
  8. The recipients of system alerts are set as specified.

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