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User Management

This section explains how to manage users in the SpeechMiner user-management system. If users in your system log into SpeechMiner with Genesys user accounts, the operations described here are performed for their accounts in the Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX).

All users in the SpeechMiner system are associated with groupings of various types. These groupings control which interaction and system data the user can see and which permissions the user has to see and activate system features. The following user groupings are in use in the system:

User Category Description
Role A set of permissions that define what features the user can access and use in the SpeechMiner system.
Workgroup The interaction center or the interaction center department to which the user belongs.
Partition Interaction data from a particular interaction center or department of a interaction center.
Group A set of workgroups and/or partitions that identify the interaction data to which the user has access.

Individual users can have multiple roles and belong to multiple work groups, partitions, and groups. User profiles specify the roles, groups, and partitions associated with each user.

Depending on your role, you may be able to modify some or all elements of your own profile. You may also be able to manage other user accounts: creating new users, managing their profiles, managing groups, roles, and permissions. This section explains how to manage user accounts if you have the required permissions.

The user-management functions in the Tools page relate to users of the SpeechMiner browser-based interface, in which interaction-data is accessed, as well as the SpeechMiner Administration Tool (SMART), in which the interaction analysis features are set up and configured.

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