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Exploring Terms with a Custom Data Set

This feature is not available in Recording UI mode.

SpeechMiner's Explore feature provides an additional way to mine interaction transcripts for useful information. The exploration process produces reports that graphically illustrate the distribution of particular terms in interactions. The standard Explore feature is completely automated, and is based on the analysis of all the interactions in the database that took place during a specified period of time. The Explore page offers you an alternative way of performing the exploration process, in which you can filter the data set that is included in the report in order to hone in on the particular interactions that you want to explore. The process produces a Common Terms report for the filtered data set, which shows the most common term clusters in the selected dataset.


When you initiate the exploration process in the Explore page, the results of the exploration are sent to you via e-mail when they are ready. In addition, you can open them in the Saved Reports tab of the Reports page.

Only interactions can be included in data sets that are used for exploration.

To run an Explore process on a custom data set:

  1. Select Explore > Search.
  2. Click 20px and open the Filter Panel to define the data set you want to use for the exploration. See: Defining Search Criteria. Be sure to select a single language, and only the Interactions interaction type.
  3. Click More 10px and select Explore. You are prompted to provide a name for the report.
  4. Enter a name, and then select OK. A message appears, informing you that the report is being generated, and that an e-mail will be sent to you when the report is available.
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