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Perform an Evaluation Session

This page explains how to perform an evaluation session. The results of the evaluation session provide feedback about how a specific agent interacts with consumers.


  1. Click Quality > Evaluation Sessions.
  2. The Evaluation Sessions grid appears.

  3. Click the name of the evaluation you want to perform.
  4. From the Form list at the top of the screen, select the first form you want to fill out.
  5. Once you complete the selected form continue filling out the remaining forms.

    You cannot complete an evaluation session without answering all the required form questions.
  6. Answer the questions provided.
  7. Playback the interaction to hear the discussion between the agent and the customer. (optional)
  8. Tip
    Click the Play icon Play.png associated with the interaction you want to hear. For more information about playing an interaction, refer to Media Player
  9. Click the inactive Show score option (Showscore.png) to enable the evaluator to see the evaluation session score when the evaluation is completed.
  10. For more details about scores see Configure Question Weights.

  11. Select one of the following options:
  • Save: save your work so you can continue at a later time. If you select to save the evaluation session the specific evaluation session status in the Evaluation Session grid will be In Progress.
  • Complete: finalize the evaluation session.
  • Close: close the evaluation session without saving your work.

If you selected Complete a summary of the completed Evaluation session appears.

  • Click Complete to finalize the evaluation session.
  • If you select to complete the evaluation session its status in the Evaluation Session grid will be Completed.

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