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SpeechMiner User Manual

The SpeechMiner browser-based interface offers a variety of ways to access recorded interactions and the results of the analyses performed by the speech-analytics system on them (when one of the modes that includes Analytics is in use). Users of all modes can employ this interface to search for interactions based on their metadata, play back interactions, and view the text of other interactions. Users of the speech-analytics system can also employ this interface to find interactions that have specific characteristics or that deal with particular topics, to identify and listen to the parts of interactions that interest them, to audit and fine-tune SpeechMiner's interaction processing, and to keep track of a range of system-metrics.

The SpeechMiner 8.5.3 User Manual explains how users can use the SpeechMiner browser-based interface.

For more information about on the SpeechMiner interface, refer to the topics in this guide.

About SpeechMiner

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