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Using the Same Stat Type for Cluster and Regular Mode

You can use the same stat type configuration for Stat Server operation in either mode. For option values that do not apply to restricted cluster mode, Stat Server might substitute a different value (change PlaceStatus to AgentStatus, for instance) and/or logs an appropriate message and continues running, with few exceptions, as if that option were never specified. For example, consider the following two common stat type definitions which you might have configured for Stat Server operation in regular mode (SSr):

Current_Login_Time ASM_Outbound








You could use the same configuration for Stat Server operating in restricted cluster mode (SSc) even though Current_Login_Time includes the Place object in its definition—Place objects are not supported in a clustered environment. SSc would nonetheless return values for statistics that are requested based on this stat type definition (given that there are agents logged in within the contact center).

On the other hand, SSc would not return any values for requested statistics based on the ASM_Outbound stat type definition. Its main mask is based solely on the ASM_Outbound action, which is not supported.

In both scenarios, Stat Server does not stop but continues processing client requests.

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