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Campaign Actions and Statuses

Campaign Actions

Campaign actions are characterized by these durable actions:

  • StatusActivated
  • StatusRunning
  • StatusDeactivated

StatusActivated occurs when at least one CampaignGroup has Status Activated, but none has StatusRunning. StatusRunning occurs when at least one CampaignGroup has StatusRunning. StatusDeactivated occurs when all campaign groups have StatusDeactivated.

CampaignGroup Statuses and Actions

In a specific campaign, a CampaignGroup has three statuses: StatusActivated, StatusRunning, and StatusDeactivated.

  • StatusActivated starts when either a campaign is being loaded on a group or the dialing process stops. StatusActivated ends when either the dialing process starts or a campaign is being unloaded.
  • StatusRunning starts when the dialing process starts, and ends when either the dialing process stops or a campaign is being unloaded.
  • StatusDeactivated starts when a campaign is being unloaded, and ends when a campaign is being loaded on a group.

Changing these statuses from one to another causes a durable action (StatusActivated, StatusRunning, or StatusDeactivated) to occur.

The StatusRunning durable action can be accompanied by the StatusWaiting Records, StatusWaitingPorts, StatusWaitingAgents, and StatusSystemError durable actions.

In parallel with the StatusRunning action, one of these dial modes can occur:

  • NoDial
  • Predict
  • PredictAndSeize
  • PredictGVP
  • Preview
  • Power
  • PowerAndSeize
  • PowerGVP
  • Progress
  • ProgressAndSeize
  • ProgressGVP
  • PushPreview

Campaign Operational Actions

Campaign operational actions are calculated for all campaign objects:

  • LeadProcessed starts when a number of records from calling lists (counting records from the same chain as one) are processed to the point where no further actions are to be taken.
  • CallbackScheduled.
  • CallbackCompleted.
  • CallbackMissed.
  • PersonalCallbackScheduled.
  • PersonalCallbackCompleted.
  • PersonalCallbackMissed.
  • AgentError.
  • DialAnswer starts when dialing has been answered.
  • DialMade starts when dialing is completed—whether successful (DialAnswer) or not. When dialing is unsuccessful for any reason, Stat Server starts one of the following actions:
  • DialAbandoned
  • DialAgentCallBackError
  • DialAllTrunksBusy
  • DialAnswMachine
  • DialBusy
  • DialCallDropError
  • DialCancel
  • DialDoNotCall
  • DialDropped
  • DialDroppedNoAnswer
  • DialError
  • DialFaxDetected
  • DialGeneralError
  • DialGroupCallBackError
  • DialNoAnswer
  • DialNoDialTone
  • DialNoEstablished
  • DialNoFreePortError
  • DialNoProgress
  • DialNoRingBack
  • DialNUTone
  • DialPagerDetected
  • DialSilence
  • DialSITDetected
  • DialSITInvalidNum
  • DialSITNoCircuit
  • DialSITOperIntercept
  • DialSITReorder
  • DialSITUnknown
  • DialSITVacant
  • DialStale
  • DialSwitchError
  • DialSystemError
  • DialTransferError
  • DialUnknown
  • DialWrongNumber
  • DialWrongPart
  • RecordsNotProcessed—Stat Server generates this action for campaign or calling list objects when campaign (or calling list) processing is completed.
Neither the CampaignCallingList nor the CampaignGroup object type applies to the RecordsNotProcessed action.
  • RecordsScheduled—Stat Server generates this action for campaign objects when Stat Server receives notification that campaign records have been scheduled for processing. Stat Server generates this action only for CurrentNumber statistics.
  • A lead is a set of records from the calling lists related to a specific customer in the Configuration Layer. Stat Server starts a lead action when a number of records from calling lists are processed to the point where no further actions will be taken for the particular lead. Lead actions are calculated as the number of leads processed for every call result. Below is a listing of some lead actions:
  • LeadAbandoned
  • LeadAgentCallBackError
  • LeadAllTrunksBusy
  • LeadAnswer
  • LeadAnswMachine
  • LeadBusy
  • LeadCallDropError
  • LeadCancel
  • LeadDoNotCall
  • LeadDropped
  • LeadDroppedNoAnswer
  • LeadError
  • LeadFaxDetected
  • LeadGeneralError
  • LeadGroupCallBackError
  • LeadNoAnswer
  • LeadNoDialTone
  • LeadNoEstablished
  • LeadNoFreePortError
  • LeadNoProgress
  • LeadNoRingBack
  • LeadNuTone
  • LeadOk
  • LeadPagerDetected
  • LeadSilence
  • LeadSITDetected
  • LeadSITInvalidNum
  • LeadSITNoCircuit
  • LeadSITOperIntercept
  • LeadSITReorder
  • LeadSITUnknown
  • LeadSITVacant
  • LeadStale
  • LeadSwitchError
  • LeadSystemError
  • LeadTransferError
  • LeadUnknown
  • LeadWrongNumber
  • LeadWrongParty
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