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Campaign-Related Statistical Category

In addition to the statistical categories described in StatisticalCategories, Stat Server supports a statistical category calculated exclusively for the Outbound Contact Solution to reflect an estimated finish time for a particular campaign.

The EstimTimeToComplete statistical category (and the statistic with the same name) is based on campaign data propagated from Campaign Manager and is calculated as follows:

  1. Stat Server calculates the speed of changes in ready records (that is, records not processed by Campaign Manager). Stat Server measures the difference between two campaign events, which contain a different number of ready records for the same campaign and time between them. From this data, Stat Server calculates the number of records per second (actually, the processing speed).
  2. Stat Server divides the number of ready records by the processing speed to yield the number of seconds until this number will become zero (0) (which means that the campaign ends or the calling list has been processed). EstimTimeToComplete is applicable only for Campaign and CallingList object types.
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