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Classifying DN Actions

At the uppermost level, actions can be segmented into one of the following three groups:

  • Regular DN actions (generated from TEvents that are spawned from either T-Server or SIP Server)
  • Mediation DN actions (generated from TEvents that are spawned from either T-Server or SIP Server)
  • Media-channel actions (exclusively generated from events that are spawned from an Interaction Server)

Within each group, actions can be subclassified further as having the following properties:

  • Durable or instantaneous
  • Related to an interaction or not related to an interaction

The CallRinging action, for example, can be classified as a durable, interaction-related, regular DN action.

Regular DN actions, generated on multimedia DNs, are subdivided further into media-dependent and media-independent actions. An action is media-dependent if the MediaType attribute is applicable to the action and media-independent otherwise. LoggedIn is media-independent while all call-related actions, like CallInbound, are media-dependent.

Media-dependent actions are either media-unique or media-common. An action is media-unique if only one action per supported media type can exist on a multimedia device and media-common otherwise. These terms apply only within the context of multimedia DNs and were introduced in Stat Server release 7.6.1 to illustrate the difference between actions generated on regular DNs and actions sharing the same name which Stat Server generates on multimedia DNs.

The following sections describe these classifications:

[+] Uppermost Classification of DN Actions

[+] Durable Actions Versus Instantaneous Actions

[+] Interaction-Related Actions Versus Non–Interaction-Related Actions

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