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Stat Server Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
10/17/16 General X X X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Stat Server supports new Routable and NotRoutable actions on an agent or place.
  • New DistinquishBy feature is introduced.
  • Stat Server supports new ApplyFilterAtActionEndOnly stat type option.
  • Stat Server supports new ExternalServiceRequested and ExternalServiceResponded actions for Tenants.
  • Stat Server supports new ActorType and RequestEnvelope System attributes on selected actions.
  • Stat Server logs stat type definitions on the Init:6 debug log level.
  • Stat Server provides the DN name attribute (if applicable) in the GCTI_INTERACTION_MESSAGE_RECEIVED LMS message.
  • Messages, associated with opening a statistic, are logged at Client:4 instead of Client:5.
  • The following new configuration options are added in the statserver section:
    • consult-acw-mode
    • suppress-user-data

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Stat Server now correctly reports extension DN status as NotMonitored after receiving EventRegistered T-Event on that DN with status=128 in Extensions. (SS-7033)

Stat Server now correctly reports timestamps in the CurrentTargetState statistic after changing the system time on the machine, where Stat Server is running. (SS-7028)

Stat Server no longer stops trying to connect to Configuration Server in some scenarios associated with the network instability. (SS-7026)

Stat Server now recognizes the [log]/time-format option. (SS-6970)

Stat Server no longer terminates unexpectedly after several consequent unsuccessful attempts to restore a session with Configuration Server. (SS-6964)

Opening of Java statistics has been sped up. (SS-6931)

Stat Server now correctly accounts for possible database case-sensitivity, when writing into LOGIN table. (SS-6924)

Stat Server no longer enters into an infinite loop when the Skill(<name>) is added to an empty regular agent group, the <name> skill exists, and there is at least one agent with a non-zero level of the <name> skill. (SS-6923)

Log throttling changes are now processed correctly. (SS-6914)

Stat Server no longer loses the database connection while trying to write to a database during reconnecting to Configuration Server or shutdown. (SS-6902)

Stat Server now correctly associates call type with the CallOnHold action in scenarios when the EventHeld event comes after the EventDialing event. (SS-6869)

Stat Server now consistently reports the statistics with Category=CurrentAverageTime for different notification modes, when the MediaType=email filter is used. (SS-6835)

Stat Server no longer terminates unexpectedly in rare circumstances, associated with the garbage-collection for GroupBy statistics. (SS-6794)

Stat Server no longer terminates unexpectedly in scenarios associated with duplicate place objects. It now ignores a newly added place if it duplicates an existing place, and prints the new LMS message:

10068|STANDARD|GCTI_SS_NAME_UNIQUENESS_VIOLATION|Name uniqueness violation for %s '%s' (tenant '%s') (old dbid=%d, new dbid=%d)


Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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