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RAA Tables

Genesys Info Mart tables fall into one of the following categories:

  • Fact tables
  • Dimension tables
  • Aggregate tables
  • Info Mart service tables

Many aggregate tables depend on the population of other Genesys Info Mart tables and the values of the configuration options that pertain to them. This document does not discuss the controlling factors that determine whether a table is written to or not; to learn the circumstances under which Info Mart tables are populated, see the following documents:

This document provides subject area diagrams and descriptions only for the hour aggregation tables (AGT_*_HOUR). Except where noted, the tables and views for the subhour, day, week, month, quarter, and year levels share the same column names and column definitions.

RAA also provides aggregation tables:

  • For the interval-based tables (those prefixed with AGT_I_), RAA provides _SUBHR, _HOUR, _DAY, and _MONTH versions.
  • For disposition-based tables (all others), RAA provides _HOUR, _DAY, and _MONTH versions.


The following abbreviations characterize fields throughout this section:

  • P, for primary key
  • M, for mandatory field
  • F, for foreign key
  • DV, for Default Value

Where referenced, INTERACTION_RESOURCE_FACT (IRF) resources include:

  • Handling resources (such as self service IVR ports, agents, or DNs that are not associated with agents).
  • Mediation resources (such as non-self-service IVR ports, voice treatment ports, ACD queues, routing points, and so forth) where the interaction ends in mediation before being distributed to a handling resource.

For the after call–related (ACW [or Wrap]) fields, whether measures reflect interrupted or uninterrupted ACW time (where the measurement of ACW continues if the agent makes or receives a call while in ACW state) depends on the configuration of the ICON application that supplies data to Info Mart. Refer to the Interaction Concentrator Deployment Guide for information about the gls-enable-acw-busy configuration option.

The AGT_AGENT_*, AGT_CAMPAIGN_*, AGT_QUEUE_*, and AGT_ID_* tables include a join to the INTERACTION_ DESCRIPTOR table. This means that the business attributes that are assigned to an interaction are stored with the other interaction information that is stored within a record. Genesys Info Mart assigns a DEFAULT business attribute for all records in this table if one is not otherwise explicitly assigned.

Aggregation Tables

AGR_SCFG This internal table stores the thresholds that are associated with the handling of contact center interactions.
AGR_TIME_RANGE RAA populates this table; however, RAA uses the boundaries that are defined by options in the [agg-gim-thld-QUEUE-ABN] and [agg-gim-thld-QUEUE-ACC] sections for computation of STI measures.
AGT_AGENT_CAMPAIGN_HOUR Agent rollup of interaction handling based on the campaign from which interactions originated.
AGT_AGENT_GRP_HOUR Agent group rollup of interaction handling based on key business attributes, such as customer segment, service type, and service subtype.
AGT_AGENT_HOUR Rollup of agent handling of interactions, based on key business attributes such as customer segment, service type, and service subtype.
AGT_AGENT_QUEUE_HOUR Rollup of interaction-handling activities of agent resources who received interactions that were distributed from ACD queues, Virtual queues, Interaction queues, and Workbins.
AGT_CALLBACK_HOUR Rollup of interactions associated with callbacks.
AGT_CAMPAIGN_HOUR Rollup of interactions generated by a particular campaign.
AGT_ID_HOUR Rollup of resource interaction-handling activities for interactions that are assigned a specific business attribute, such as customer segment, business result, service type, and service subtype.
AGT_I_AGENT_HOUR Rollup of an agent’s handling of interactions.
AGT_I_SESS_STATE_HOUR Rollup of summarized agent session states.
AGT_I_STATE_RSN_HOUR Rollup of hardware- and software-related reasons for summarized agent states on voice devices.
AGT_QUEUE_ABN_HOUR Rollup of interactions that were abandoned within an ACD queue, Virtual queue, Interaction queue, or Workbin.
AGT_QUEUE_ACC_AGENT_HOUR Rollup of interactions that were accepted by agents after having been distributed from an ACD queue, Virtual queue, Interaction queue, or Workbin.
AGT_QUEUE_GRP_HOUR Rollup of contact center activities from the perspective of queue-type devices through which interactions pass.
AGT_QUEUE_HOUR Rollup of contact center activities from the perspective of queue-type devices through which interactions pass.

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