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RAA Subject Area Diagrams

Genesys Info Mart contains several subject areas that are of interest for contact center historical reporting. This document illustrates selected subject areas, each of which is presented as a star schema that contains a central fact or aggregate table surrounded by the dimension tables that describe it.

The subject area diagrams combine intraday and historical data. They represent the dimensions and aggregates that are accessed through the Genesys Info Mart Views database schema. A given fact or aggregate table, and the read-only views defined on it, have exactly the same columns. For more information about the relationship between tables and views in Genesys Info Mart schemas, see the "Genesys Info Mart Database" page in the Genesys Info Mart Physical Data Model documentation for your RDBMS (see Genesys Info Mart documentation).


The subject area diagrams use the following conventions:

  • The aggregate tables have a shaded green background.
  • Dimension tables have a white background.
  • Views have a shaded purple background.
  • Surrogate key references from aggregate tables to dimension tables are represented by solid lines.

To improve legibility of each subject area diagram, only the following are shown:

  • HOUR tables.
  • Column data types.
  • A few columns of the DATE_TIME table (which consists of over 50 fields).

Refer to the specific table for a listing and complete description of all columns. The following dimension tables are described in the Genesys Info Mart Physical Data Model documentation for your RDBMS (available from Genesys Info Mart documentation):


Also, refer to Genesys Info Mart Physical Data Model documentation for descriptions of the following views:

  • GROUP_

Aggregation subject area diagrams

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