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Deploy Digital Messaging Server Using GAX

The following steps describe how to deploy Digital Messaging Server (DMS) using Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX).

Upload the DMS installation package and template

  1. Log in to GAX.
  2. Go to Administration > Installation Packages.
  3. Click + (New) to upload a new installation package.
  4. In the Software Installation Wizard panel, select Installation Package Upload (template uploaded separately) and click Next.
  5. Complete the following steps:
    • Upload a Package—Select the ZIP file that contains the DMS installation package. The root folder of the ZIP file must have the files from the IP folder (such as ip_description.xml and read_me.html).
    • Upload an XML template—Select the XML template file (DigitalMessagingServer.xml).
    • Upload an APD template—Select the APD template file (DigitalMessagingServer.apd).
  6. Click Finish.

Deploy the DMS installation package and template

  1. In GAX, go to Administration > Installation Packages.
  2. Click the DMS installation package to view its properties.
  3. Verify the Status field has a value of Complete.
  4. Click ES DMS90 GAXGear.png and select Install to open the IP Deployment Wizard panel.
  5. Fill in the required fields and finish the installation.

Legacy deployment method (optional)

You can also install DMS directly on the server by following the steps below.

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Next Steps

Continue deployment by adding a Facebook channel, a Twitter channel, or a Custom Media Channel.


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