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Deploy Digital Messaging Server with a Twitter Channel

For a Twitter channel, you need two installation packages:

  • Digital Messaging Server
  • Genesys Cloud API Driver for Twitter

The Driver adds Twitter-specific features to Digital Messaging Server and does not require its own Application object in the Configuration Server database.

You can also create a Custom Media Channel Driver.

Tweets from a customer who has a protected twitter account will not enter Digital Messaging Server even if the business twitter account is authenticated to view the protected tweets from the customer’s twitter account.

Prepare the Twitter Channel

  1. Deploy Digital Messaging Server.
  2. Run the installation for Genesys Driver for Use with Twitter, selecting the desired Digital Messaging Server object.
  3. Locate the driver-for-twitter-options.cfg configuration file in the \<Digital Messaging Server application>\media-channel-drivers\channel-twitter directory.
  4. In Genesys Administrator Extension, open your Digital Messaging Server Application, go to the Options tab, and import driver-for-twitter-options.cfg, selecting No in response to Do you want to overwrite the existing data?

Configure the Options

Refer to the Genesys Cloud API Driver for Twitter page in the eServices Options Reference.

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