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Deploy DMS with a Facebook Channel

For a Facebook channel, you need two installation packages:

  • Digital Messaging Server
  • Genesys Cloud API Driver for Facebook.

The driver adds Facebook-specific features to DMS and does not require its own Application object in the Configuration Server database.

You can also create a Custom Media Channel Driver.

Create the Facebook Channel

  1. Deploy DMS.
  2. Run the installation for Genesys Driver for Use with Facebook, selecting the desired DMS object.
  3. Locate the driver-for-facebook-options.cfg configuration file in the \<Digital Messaging Server application>\media-channel-drivers\channel-facebook directory.
  4. In Configuration Manager, open your Digital Messaging Server Application, go to the Options tab, and import driver-for-facebook-options.cfg.

Configure the Options

Refer to the Genesys Cloud API Driver for Facebook page in the eServices Options Reference.

Interaction Attributes

The driver provides a number of interaction attributes. A reference listing is available on a separate page.

Sample Business Processes and Database Scripts

You must:

Requirement for Posting and Commenting

In order for the Genesys Desktop Plugin to display the Delete, Delete Post, Comment, and Share buttons, it checks the _facebookCanComment and _facebookCanDeleteComments keys in the interaction's attached data.

This means that, if the Facebook account holder did not set permissions to let everybody post/comment on the account holder's wall, the agent must like the poster's page or add him as a friend to be able to post on the wall.

The same holds for an autoresponse if it is included into the strategy: if the agent does not like the poster, or if he or she did not set permissions to let everybody post/comment on the wall, the post/comment will fail and a Facebook POST failed exception is written in the log.

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