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Digital Messaging Server

Digital Messaging Server (DMS) is the eServices component that interfaces with social media sites to bring interactions into the Genesys system.

This document describes what you must do to deploy and use DMS.

You can also use DMS with a Custom Media Channel Driver.


This section describes how to deploy DMS and its channels.

Configuration Options

This chapter documents the configuration options used by DMS.

Support for InviteToChat ESP request

Starting from the DMS version, the InviteToChat method is supported. This method allows initiation of outbound chat sessions from a strategy and sending WhatsApp notification templates to customers. It is an invitation for a customer who is using voice IVR interaction to switch to Chat or Messaging and continue the conversation. For more information, see Outbound interaction from Workflow.

Support for High Availability by default

Starting from the DMS version, Chat Server flex protocol is enabled in DMS configuration by default. This provides High Availability support with multiple Chat Servers. It necessarily requires High Availability configuration for DMS and Chat Server(s). For information on configuring DMS High Availability, see DMS High Availability configuration.

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