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Operator Precedence

The Operator Precedence table lists all the operators that you can use in field-code formulas.

  • Unary operators are shown with [Unary] after their symbols.
  • The operators are listed in order of precedence, with operators of higher precedence above those of lower precedence.
  • Operators in the same row have the same precedence. If two operators of the same precedence are used in a formula, then they are computed left to right if they are binary, and right to left if they are unary.
  • You can write some operators using more than one symbol. In these cases, the alternatives are shown in parentheses.

Operator Precedence Table


+ [Unary], - [Unary]


  • , /, Mod

+, -

< (LT), <= (LE), > (GT), >= (GE), = (==, EQ), <> (!=, NE)

Not (!) [Unary]

And (&&)


Or (||)


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