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Field Codes Reference Information

With field codes, you can compose standard responses that are automatically personalized when they are used. This feature is very similar to the Mail-Merge feature in word-processing applications such as Microsoft Word. Consider, for example, this standard response:

      Dear <$Contact.FirstName$>,

This response has two field codes. When an agent inserts this response into an e-mail, the first field code, <$Contact.FirstName$>, is replaced by the contact’s first name as it appears in Universal Contact Server. The second field code, <$Agent.Signature$>, is replaced by the agent’s signature as it appears in Configuration Manager.

For example, if an agent named Danielle uses this standard response while replying to an e-mail from a contact named Sam, the result might look like this:

      Dear Sam,
      Thank you for choosing My Cloud Security Systems.
      Danielle Rodriguez
      Customer Support

For more reference information, see the following reference sections:

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