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Source Update Queries for Database Capture Point

Read the general description of configurable queries for the Database Capture Point. If sourceUpdateQuerySql is specified, the other two queries are required to be configured and correct. If no query exists in the configuration, then no action is performed when the corresponding event occurs.

Query parameter Description
Source Update Queries

Query parameter


sourceUpdateQuerySql The database query that fetches a set of rows, where each row represents an update request. Each such update request may contain one or more columns that represent interaction properties. The name of the column represents the name of the interaction property and the value is the new value of that interaction property. Each row of the result set must contain either "InteractionId' or "ExternalId'. If both "InteractionId' and "ExternalId' are contained in a row, the value of "InteractionId' will be used to access the interaction, and the value of "ExternalId' will be treated as one of the interaction properties to update.

For example: select interactionid "InteractionId", stamp "SomeTime", priority "Priority" from updates where status='new'

sourceUpdatedUpdateSql The database update (or delete) query that will execute against a special table in the source database to mark a particular update as having been processed.

For example: update updates set status='applied' where interactionid=?'InteractionId'

sourceErrorUpdateSql This update is executed when there is an error executing an update request (the one that is fetched by sourceUpdateQuerySql). Besides the values available from the corresponding capture query, additional values "ErrorCode' (integer) and "ErrorDescription' (string up to 256 characters) are available to this query.

For example: update updates set status='error', errorcode=?'ErrorCode', errordescr=?'ErrorDescription' where interactionid=?'InteractionId'

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