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File Capture Point File Naming Rules

This page describes the file naming rules that are followed for various directories that are used by the File Capture Point.

Error or Processed directory

When an interaction has been successfully captured from a file (for example, with the name FileName.xml), in the inbound directory, the file is copied, with its name preserved, into the processed directory. If Interaction Server cannot process a captured file, this file is copied into the error directory, with its name preserved. If a file with a desired filename exists in the destination directory, the filename resolution rule is used to find out the suffix to be appended to the desired filename. If the File Capture Point is operating in iWD compatibility mode, the name of the error notification file must match the name of the file that was written into the error directory (and include the same suffix if necessary).

All Other Directories

All notifications (messages written as files into directories other than the error and processed directories), both in normal mode and in iWD compatibility mode, can be named according to the notifications naming mode selected. The two modes available are sequential and by-id.

sequential naming

In this mode, the files in each destination directory are named <counter>.xml, where the <counter> is an integer, which is incremented for each new notification written. At startup, and when switching over, the File Capture Point checks all configured notification directories (except for inbound, error, and processed), finds out the current value of the <counter>, and increments it before each notification is written.

by-id naming

All notifications, both in normal mode and iWD compatibility mode, are written into their corresponding directories with the file names set to <InteractionID>.xml. If a file with a desired filename already exists in the destination directory, the File Capture Point finds the next available name for a notification for this Interaction ID, by sequentially checking the names matching the form of <InteractionID>_<counter>.xml, while the <counter> is incremented starting from 1.

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