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ODBC Drivers

If you upgrade from older version and previously used DB Server to connect to database, refer to Configuring Interaction Server DAP.

For the Database Capture Point to work correctly, you must install and configure drivers. For all platforms and DBMS, you must:

  • Obtain a client driver for the desired database.
  • Using an ODBC manager, configure and test the connection to the database.

The procedures are similar for the same DBMS on different operating systems. In the procedures that follow, examples are used for User IDs, passwords, and names (such as MY_ORAQ).

ODBC Manager

The type of ODBC Manager to use depends on the operating system that you are using. Environments with alternative third-party drivers, database accelerators and ODBC Managers are not supported on compatibility issues. For more information, see Configuring Interaction Server DAP and Installing ODBC on Linux.

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