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Legal Notices

[+] Interaction Management

Interaction Management Product Alerts

  • To configure secure connections for Interaction Server and its clients on Unix platforms, you must:
    • Use Genesys Security Pack on UNIX or later.
    • Set the environment variable GCTI_SECPACK_USE_MTCB to 1.
    Details of the changes in Genesys Security Pack on UNIX are provided in the Release Note.
  • Interaction Management 8.5.103 includes new functionality, such as support of Interaction Server clusters via Interaction Server Proxy (Interaction Server and Interaction Server Proxy 8.5.107.x) , that may be not fully backward compatible with older client applications, in several scenarios, due to changes in the API. Genesys recommends that you conduct compatibility testing and upgrade or change custom desktop applications and other components before using the new Interaction Server Proxy in a production environment.

Link to 8.1 Product Release Advisory

This ReadMe does not cover Universal Contact Server (UCS), UCS Proxy, and UCS Manager. These components are included on the Interaction Management CD and also on a separate Universal Contact Server CD, which has its own ReadMe.

New in Interaction Management 8.5.x Releases

[+] New in Release 8.5.3

[+] New in Release 8.5.2

[+] New in Release 8.5.1