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Kafka Capture Point

The integrated Kafka Capture Point is used to capture interactions from systems that use Kafka as a message bus.


The following prerequisites must be met in order to enable the Kafka Capture Point functionality in Interaction Server:

  • Licensing: Interaction Server will enable Kafka Capture Point functionality only if the technical license (iwd_jms_cp) is present.
  • Existing Kafka cluster must be present. It should be running brokers of version “” or newer.
  • Java 8 is the minimum required version. Java 11 is recommended.
  • Kafka is supported by using Java Kafka client and requires Java in order to work. If Java is not installed or not properly configured, Kafka functionality will not be available. All required jar files are provided in IP. These jars should be correctly specified in the Java Class Path option in Interaction Server. See Java configuration.


Kafka Capture Point, just like JMS Capture Point, provides the following guarantees:

  • "At least once" processing of the inbound messages including sending replies to them.
  • "At most once" sending of the unsolicited notification events.

Kafka Capture Point supports secured communications via TLS protocols.

Sample Configuration

This guide provides sample configurations for Kafka Capture Point application.

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