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Kafka Capture Point - Interaction Server JVM

This page provides an example of configuring Interaction Server options to load Java virtual machine (JVM) and all of the required libraries when using Kafka. See also the general description of the configuration requirements for Java.

Kafka Capture Point requires minimum JRE 8 to function. Java 11 is recommended.

Configuring Interaction Server to load JVM and required libraries

In the Interaction Server Application object, on the Applications Options tab, add the following jar files to the -Djava.class.path option in the jvm-options section:

  • <path to IXN dir>/lib/ixn-java-aux.jar
  • <path to IXN dir>/lib/KafkaEventLogger/kafka-clients-3.0.0.jar
  • <path to IXN dir>/lib/KafkaEventLogger/slf4j-api-1.7.32.jar

If transformation is used in this capture point, then the following jars should be added to the option as well:

  • <path to IXN dir>/lib/XmlTransformer/xercesImpl.jar
  • <path to IXN dir>/lib/XmlTransformer/xsltc.jar
  • <path to IXN dir>/lib/groovy-all-2.4.21.jar

All required jar files are provided in the IP.

  • On Windows, libraries are separated with a semi colon (;) and on Linux, with a colon (:).
  • Check your IXN Server installation for exact versions of third-party libraries provided because they may differ from ones mentioned in this documentation.
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