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Workitem Options



  • Default Value: false
  • Valid Values: true, false
  • Changes take effect: At the next interaction.
  • Description: Specifies if the application prompts a confirmation message when the user clicks Done. This option is only available for interaction open media. This option can be overridden by a routing strategy, as described in Overriding Options by Using a Routing Strategy.


  • Default Value: Sounds\Ring.mp3|10|-1
  • Valid Values: Letters A to Z and a to z. Numbers 0 through 9. All special characters that are valid Windows file names.
  • Changes take effect: At the next interaction.
  • Description: Specify the <media-type> channel ringing sound configuration string, for example: Sounds\Ring.mp3|10|-1
    The value has three components that are separated by the character '|':
  1. The file name and folder relative to the application folder.
  2. The priority. The higher the integer the higher the priority.
  3. The duration:
    1. -1 means play and repeat until an explicit message stops it. For example, the established event stops the ringing sound.
    2. 0 means play the whole sound one time.
    3. An integer > 0 means a time, in milliseconds, to play and repeat the sound.
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