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Previewing Incoming Interactions

Interaction Preview is rendered through an Interactive Notification pop-up from the System Tray from the Interaction Workspace icon. The Interactive Notification pop-up preview handles inbound notification for ringing voice interactions (SIP or TDM) or SIP interaction preview or incoming eServices interactions (email, chat, or workitem). The preview contains sufficient information to enable agents to determine whether to accept or reject an interaction. The following privileges enable these actions:

  • Accept Interaction or Accept Preview
  • Reject Interaction or Decline Preview

In a Voice environment, if the Reject privilege is granted to an agent, the Reject function is available only for an incoming voice call if T-Server provides information about the queue or Routing Point that is used to deliver the call to the agent.

Information.png Note: You can control the behavior of the Voice Reject function by using the interaction.reject-route configuration option.

You can use the following options in the interaction-workspace section to configure the Interaction preview:

  • interaction.case-data.format-business-attribute -- Specifies the case-data format.
  • interaction.case-data.frame-color -- Specifies the color of the border of the Case Data view frame. Examples: #FFFFBA00 for a Gold color, #FF6F7074 for a Silver color, and #FFB8400B for a Bronze color. This option can be overridden by a routing strategy.
  • voice.ringing-bell -- Specifies the voice channel ringing sound configuration string.
  • interaction.override-option-key=IW_OverrideOptions.

To configure an agent for SIP Preview, see Procedure: Enabling an agent to use the SIP Preview feature.

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