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How to Start and Stop Applications and Solutions

With the control function of the Management Layer, you can start and stop individual applications with a single control function through Genesys Administrator. You can also use the control function to start and stop solutions, with one exception: you must use Genesys Administrator to start and stop a solution of type Default Solution Type or Framework.

Starting with release 8.0, you can also stop applications and solutions gracefully, also called Graceful Stop or graceful shutdown. See Graceful Stop for more information.

The control function requires the installation of:

  • Solution Control Server (SCS)
  • An instance of Local Control Agent (LCA) for each Genesys host computer
  • Genesys Administrator
Genesys recommends that you start and stop entire solutions as opposed to starting and stopping single applications.

Starting and Stopping Applications and Solutions Manually

To manually start and stop applications and solutions, use the start and stop commands in Genesys Administrator, locate as follows:

  • Start, Stop, and Graceful Stop buttons on the toolbar
  • Start, Stop, and Graceful Stop commands in the Tasks panel

Genesys Administrator Help provides detailed instructions on how to start and stop solutions and applications.

Starting in Management Framework release 8.0, you can also use the mlcmd command-line utility to start and stop applications and solutions. For detailed information about this utility, and detailed instructions for using it, see How to Use the mlcmd Utility.

Starting Applications Automatically

Solution Control Server starts applications without a user command (that is, automatically) when:

  • SCS starts
  • The computer running the applications is restarted

If you do not modify an Application object as described in this section, SCS automatically starts the application only at the application’s host restart, given that the application has been running prior to the host restart.

To enable this, you must configure the autostart option for each application, as described in the following procedure. [+] Show steps

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