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E-Mail Alarm Reactions

This chapter describes how the Management Layer processes alarm reactions of the E-Mail type and how to configure an email system for this function.

Alarm Reactions of the E-Mail Type

You can configure the Management Layer to send the content of an alarm as an email message to one or more email addresses. Simply create an alarm reaction of the Send an email type for a corresponding alarm condition. See the recommendations for configuring alarm reactions in How to Configure Alarm Conditions and Alarm Reactions.

An alarm is a message generated by a Genesys application when a certain alarm condition is met. For more information, refer to Alarm-Signaling Functions.

The following diagram illustrates the message flow through the Management Layer when such an alarm is triggered. That flow includes the email system for your environment, which you must configure for the host running Solution Control Server.

E-Mail Alarm Reaction in Management Layer

Configuring E-Mail Systems

This section describes how to configure a UNIX- and a Windows-based email systems to send the content of an alarm message in an email.


On UNIX operating systems, Solution Control Server can use either the sendmail command or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to send email messages. Depending on the protocol you prefer:

  • You must correctly configure the sendmail command on the host computer running SCS.
  • You must configure SMTP server host and port for SCS as values for the smtp_host and smtp_port configuration options. For more information about these options, refer to the "Solution Control Server" section of the Framework Configuration Options Reference Manual.

On Windows

On Windows operating systems, Solution Control Server uses Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). To enable the operation of email alarm reactions via an SMTP email system, you must configure the mailer section. Specify the SMTP server host for SCS as the value for the smtp_host configuration option smtp_host, and specify the SMTP server port for SCS as the value for the option smtp_port.

For more information about Solution Control Server configuration options, refer to the Framework Configuration Options Reference Manual.

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