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How to Use Startup Files

Some Genesys applications require special scripts to start and stop the application. Refer to the deployment procedures of your specific product to determine if separate start and stop files must be configured.

For Genesys applications that require both start and stop scripts to function properly, you must configure these scripts instead of single batch files. For Application objects that have the commands start_stop.start_command and start_stop.stop_command specified in their Annex, the specified values are used to start and stop the application on the target host. If these parameters are not specified, by default, system termination signals would be sent to the running process when the stop is issued. But if the stop_command is specified, an external script will be invoked instead for those applications that require special handling for termination.

For Genesys applications for which the command line, command line argument, and start_command are all specified, the value in start_command would take precedence.

If your application requires startup files, do the following:

1. Modify the application to use a start up file. [+] Show steps
2. Modify the startup file for each application. [+] Show steps
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