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How to Manage Log Records

You can manage records in the Log Database by:

  • Using Genesys Administrator.
  • Creating your own scripts for automated database purging.
Log records also contain alarm history. Be careful not to delete current alarm history records when you remove log records from the Log Database.

The log-managing function requires the installation of the same components as for the log-viewing function.

Using the Log Database Maintenance Wizard

You can use the Management Layer logging function to manage log records stored in the Centralized Log Database. With the Log Database Maintenance Wizard available in Genesys Administrator, you can specify criteria—through a custom SQL statement or individual selections—for the search and removal of log records from the database. Available criteria categories include log type, log level, log generation time, log source, or extended attributes. Log source can be a particular application, applications that belong to a particular solution, or applications that run on a particular host computer.

Launch the Log Maintenance Wizard from Environment > Centralized Log under the Monitoring tab, and follow the instructions for each step. Genesys Administrator Help contains more information about the Wizard.

Automating the Purging Functionality

This section describes how to automate the removal of obsolete log records from the Log Database. Database purging involves the periodic, automated execution of appropriate SQL statements within your SQL server.

To enable automated purging:

1. Prepare SQL statements that remove log records. [+] Show more information
2. Schedule automated execution of the SQL statements. [+] Show more information
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