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How to Monitor Solutions, Applications, and Hosts

The monitoring function of the Management Layer allows a user to view the current runtime status of configured hosts, daemon applications, and entire solutions. The monitoring function requires the installation of:

  • Solution Control Server (SCS)
  • An instance of Local Control Agent (LCA) for each Genesys host computer
  • Genesys Administrator
For SCS to monitor an application, you must specify the name of the executable file of the application in the properties of the Application object.

Genesys Administrator

Starting in Management Framework release 8.0, you can monitor solutions, applications, and hosts through Genesys Administrator, a centralized Web-based user interface. The Dashboard, located on the Monitoring tab under Environment, displays the count and status of all applications and hosts that currently are configured. You can view the status of individual Solution, Application, and Host objects by selecting the appropriate category under Provisioning > Environment. Refer to Genesys Administrator Help for more information.

mlcmd Utility

Also starting in Management Framework release 8.0, you can also use the mlcmd command-line utility to view the status of hosts, application, and solutions. For detailed information about this utility, and instructions for using it, see How to Use the mlcmd Command-line Utility.

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