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Introduction to Management Layer

The Management Layer of Genesys Framework 8.5 provides the following functions:

  • Solution and application control and monitoring—You control and monitor all solutions and applications from a single point. The Management Layer displays the real-time status of every configured Solution object, and you can activate and deactivate solutions and single applications from this layer. This control and monitoring also includes user-defined solutions.
  • Centralized logging—Applications log maintenance events in the unified log format and the events are recorded in one central location. That format enables easy selection of required log records and centralized log storage for convenient access and solution-level troubleshooting. With centralized logging, you can also track individual interactions, audit activities in your contact center, and store alarm history.
  • Alarm signaling—Flexible alarm signaling triggers alarms based on application maintenance events, thresholds for system performance variables, or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) variables. Solution Control Server communicates alarms to Genesys Administrator and can write alarms to system logs. You can configure the system to convert alarms into SNMP traps and send them as emails to a specified email address. (The latter automatically enables paging notifications.) The Management Layer automatically associates alarms with the solutions they affect and stores alarms as active conditions in the system until either they are removed by another maintenance event or you clear them. Alarms are visible only if you have access to the application that generated the alarms.
  • Application failure management—Fault-management functions consist of detection, isolation, and correction of application failures. For non-redundant configurations, the Management Layer automatically restarts applications that fail. For redundant configurations, this layer supports a switchover to the standby applications and also automatically restarts failed applications.
  • Built-in SNMP functionality—Extended SNMP support enables both alarm processing and SNMP data exchange with an SNMP-compliant network management system (NMS). This means you can integrate a third-party NMS with a Genesys system to serve as an end-user interface for system control and monitoring and for alarm signaling.
    The SNMP functionality of the Management Layer is controlled by the Genesys licensing system. Refer to the Genesys Licensing Guide for information about ordering licenses that activate this functionality.
  • Individual host monitoring—host parameters are monitored, including records of CPU and memory usage and information about currently running processes and services.
  • Support for geographically distributed environments—a special mode in Genesys Solution Control Server simplifies the operation of a geographically distributed installation that uses a single Configuration Database.
    The Management Layer support for geographically distributed environments is controlled by the Genesys licensing system. Refer to the Genesys Licensing Guide for information about ordering licenses that activate this functionality.

See Architecture for information about the Management Layer components and Management Layer Functionality for more detailed information about Management Layer functions.

Refer to the Framework Deployment Guide for configuration and installation instructions.

Refer to the Management Framework Migration Guide for information about component compatibility, and for instructions about migrating between different releases of Framework components.

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